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We offer a wide range of canned food: from pickles, to grilled vegetables, to ready-made sauces, jams ... processed with modern technology but with the same care as in the past. Products that reflect a territory and a tradition to be respected and valued.

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We are located in the Alto Tavoliere delle Puglie and precisely in San Severo, a city of ancient  mercantile and agricultural traditions. Thanks to the flat land and the temperate climate, there are numerous cultivations that make the city important from a culinary point of view. In fact, the area of the Alto Tavoliere, set between the mountains of Gargano and Monti Dauni and entirely covered by every kind of cultivations  of every kind (from vineyards to wheat fields…) is historically known for its beauty and for what it offers from an agricultural point of view.Frederick II of Swabia said: “If the Lord had known this plain of Apulia, light of my eyes, he would have stopped to live here”. A a land to discover, appreciate and enjoy. We do just that: we bring to the table the excellence of our territory.

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