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A united family

Papa Angelo was the first to understand that we had to dedicate body and soul to the exploitation of the fruits that our land gives us every day. The love for his land, Apulia, pushed him to create a company that would enhance the typical products of the Apulian culinary tradition.

Francesco Parente

Ceo e cofounder

“We exalt the flavors of the past without altering them and bring them to your tables to offer you a journey of taste in the lands of Puglia”

Michele Parente

Production manager e cofounder

“Our processing methods respect the organoleptic qualities of the raw materials so that they do not lose the authentic and genuine flavors of our territory”

Love, experience, quality and research

Our family history is based on the love for good food. Our father Angelo was the first to want to enhance the typical products of our land, Apulia, instilling in us sons, Francesco and Michele, that passion and care for raw materials that has accompanied us in our work for over 30 years. We produce a wide range of canned food, from pickles grilled vegetables, ready-made sauces, jams, etc… to be destined to traditional retail, the modern organized distribution, the HO.RE.CA. sector and the private label. Our aim is to bring back in our food preserves the typical taste of the traditional Apulian cuisine; for this, fundamental for us is the selection of raw materials supplied to us from local markets and their processing. All this in order to offer our customers those never- forgotten flavors that make Apulia the place par excellence of good traditional Italian cuisine.

Our sustainable development

To be able to enjoy the fruits of our land we must start from its protection. This is why we have chosen to focus on solar energy.
Yes, the Sun itself, which has always been fundamental for the development of life on earth and today indispensable for producing clean and potentially energy infinity.
There are different technologies to capture the power of the sun and we have chosen photovoltaics to convert sunlight into electricity, thus becoming a vital source for our plant.
Business yes, but sustainable and to protect our territory.


The excellence of the territory

We are located in the Alto Tavoliere delle Puglie and precisely in San Severo, a city of ancient mercantile and agricultural traditions. Thanks to the flat land and the temperate climate, there are numerous cultivations that make the city important from a culinary point of view. In fact, the area of the Alto Tavoliere, set between the mountains of Gargano and Monti Dauni and entirely covered by every kind of cultivations of every kind (from vineyards to wheat fields…) is historically known for its beauty and for what it offers from an agricultural point of view.Frederick II of Swabia said: “If the Lord had known this plain of Apulia, light of my eyes, he would have stopped to live here”. A a land to discover, appreciate and enjoy. We do just that: we bring to the table the excellence of our territory.

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